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Welcome To Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: After I make my payment, when will I get my file?
A: After making your payment, you will be immediately redirected to a digital delivery download page. Also, you will receive a "Thank You" email that contains the download link as well. This process can take place at any time - 24 hours a day.

Q: What format will the file be in?
A: You will download a zip file. In the zip file will be either a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) or an exe file. In most cases, it will be a PDF.

Q: How do I extract my purchase from the zip file?
A: You can use many different file extractors. We recommend WinZip, which is commonly available at A 45-day free trial is available.

Q: My PDF file won't load, what can I do?
A: In most cases, the reason for this is that the user does not have Adobe Reader installed on their computer. Adobe Reader is totally free and is available on the Adobe site. You can download the very latest version available right now at:

Q: What if I have a problem with my download?
A: If there is any problem with the download, please contact us at and we will assist you in any way that we can to resolve the issue.

Q: How long will the download link be valid so that I can make sure that I download my purchase?
A: Download links will expire after a random amount of time. If you have made a valid purchase and have either lost or misplaced your file, email us at and we will assist you in insuring that you receive your download.

Q: If I send you an email, how soon do you respond?
A: All emails are repsonded to within 24 hours of being received. However, it is a rare case that your email will go unanswered for the full 24 hours.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: At this time, we only accept PayPal. PayPal accepts various forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. If you don't have a PayPal account, get one at

Q: Will you review original eBooks for possible sale on your site?
A: Yes, absoloutely - please contact us at before sending your manuscript.

Q: Will you ever raise your prices?
A: Once a price goes up on the site, it will stay at that price until we discontinue the eBook. We will always attempt to make all eBooks affordable for everyone.


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